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8 Reasons why GEVA

1. Experience …
for more than 20 years, dedicated to Rolling process control and automation.
2. Know How …
in depths and specific understanding of long rolling process.
3. Dedication
Specialized in a specific field of process automation, we provide service no-one else is willing or capable to do.
4. Relationship
Long Lasting Customer Care & Relationship is what we aim for, with good projects – supportive, fast and reliable.
5. Faces
Our Team of Experts have faces – ongoing, long-lasting “one knows one another”.
6. Partners
We are working with well known, high quality partners to ensure long-lasting and state of the art service.
7. Results
Achieving full potential through tailored solutions instead of average outcomes by common solutions “out of the shelf”.
8. References
Our customers giving you the proof of our expertise.

Our Company

GEVA automation is a GERMAN engineering company providing process control solutions to Long Product Rolling Mills globally.

We have partners and offices in Germany, Austria and Russia.

For more than 20 years our company has successfully implemented over 90 major projects.

We’re specialised in upgrades of existing Rolling Mills and Rail Mills with the focus on equipment-, process- and process control- improvements.

While working in the field of Rolling Mill Automation, we have well understood the technically sophisticated plant automation and master its challenges.
By application of our innovative technologies, our GERMAN engineering approach and skills we are able to optimise and control even extreme difficult processes.

„When others are leaving when their job is done, we start looking for improvements – detecting even unexpected potential for infinite improvements!”

Decades of experience – deep process understanding and know-how of process technology – comprehensive approach beyond own equipment automation, GERMAN engineering skills and our goal for long-term cooperation differentiates us from others and makes us beneficial to your customers and suppliers.

We are aiming to improve your efficiency and reduce operational costs by:

  • Increase of output/yield and availability
  • Improve operational performance
  • Save energy
  • Extend equipment life

Our Partners

GEVA automation has established close contacts to the global players of automation and information technology.
Cooperation agreements are in place ensuring an ongoing quality support and provision of latest and best solutions to our customers. A selected number of partner companies are displayed: