Quality Management

Our quality policy and company guidelines

We are ISO certified since 08.06.2016 (ISO 9001:2015)

1. Customers

  • We want to further expand our position as a technology leader
  • We supply our customers with individual all-in-one solutions from a single source.
  • We are always available to our customers as long-term business partners.
  • We promise flexibility, high professional competence and personnel stability.

2. Employees

  • Our employees are the most important resource for implementing our projects and achieving high customer satisfaction.
  • We make family-friendly working hours possible.
  • We treat each other with respect and partnership.
  • Employees can and should help to shape our structures and processes.
  • We ensure occupational safety by adhering to the guidelines of our customers on site.

3. Suppliers

  • Our suppliers are important partners who support us in fulfilling our customers’ requirements. We maintain a spirit of partnership.
  • After-sales support for projects, training of our own maintenance personnel and qualified support in troubleshooting are important criteria in the selection of our suppliers.

4. Quality

  • We are constantly improving ourselves and our services.
  • We define goals for continuous improvement.
  • We deal offensively and constructively with errors and complaints.
  • We use employees’ suggestions and ideas for improvement to ensure continuous further development.
  • We apply the Six Sigma principle and are striving against 0 errors.

5. Environment

  • Awareness raising among employees for the environment.
  • Encourage and demand responsible use of resources.