Competence for

comprehensive solutions

We are committed to providing comprehensive, total Automation Solutions for which we have bundled the competences within our company. It is a matter of principle, that we provide the following services available within our company.

Our competencies at a glance

On-site survey of the condition of existing plants and quantification of potential improvements.

Definition of key process technology data, coordination of the performance specifications with the customers, incorporation of customer-specific standards.

Electric project planning, selection of components, coordination of details with customer.

A matter of principle: development of technological standard modules and application-specific software within GEVA. This enables us to retain complete control of the quality in all stages of developments as well as ensuring us that our project and process know how is permanently available to our clients.

GEVA automation is equipped with a fully-fitted in-house workshop providing independence and flexibility for project execution at short notice. Sub-contractors are requested to manufacture according to plans we drew up ourselves.


GEVA is providing the management and supervision service for erection work. Erection itself may be executed by our clients, our sub-contractors or even by GEVA automation experts – according to our clients requirements. All is flexible. All is possible.

GEVA automation takes charge for commissioning and implementation with its own personnel.

Long-term on-site support for commissioning of all product qualities.