is a complete level-2 control system

for your furnace.

From reheating to tempering – Insight Furnace Control provides all components necessary to control your process in a precise, efficient and reliable manner.

Using fine-grained real-time material temperatures, Insight Furnace Control offers the precision required to achieve strict temperature goals in the context of tempering, resulting in minimal deviations from the target temperature.

To optimize your throughput, adaptive control values are leveraged, that automatically adjust to the optimal process speed required in your application.

Adaptive control values will enable you to automatically derive optimal process speeds for your application and, thus, optimize your throughput. The flexible interface that comes with Insight provides an easy integration into existing Level-1 and Level-2 systems. The area of application for Insight Furnace Control includes reheating, normalizing, as well as tempering in high-and low temperature range.

Furnace Simulation in real-time

Precise calculation of material temperatures

Optimal set points for temperature control

material-dependent calculation of:

temperature set points and production speed

Smart control of individual heating elements

LTT, HTT and Normalizing

material-dependent calculation of temperature set points

energy-efficient control during delays

Seamless integration into existing Level-1 and Level-2 systems