With continuous improvement


GEVA automation first approached InfraBuild (ONESTEEL) ...

… as far back as 1998 on the occasion of a first Feasibility Study, when it was still trading as Smorgon Steel. Further studies were carried out 10 years later, amongst other things, in association with BSE Rolling Mill Consultancy. The period in between has seen the implementation of an ever- growing number of process packages: small but valuable, and invariably achieving enhanced standards of efficiency.

A complete GEVA automation system was installed in 2013 at the Mill Control System for Bar and in 2014, at the Wire Rod Mill in Laverton / Australia.

Performance Example at OST Waratah Bar Mill:

Step 1: Finishing End performance with existing automation system boosted by 9%
Step 2: Replacement of automation lead to an increase in perfomance of 29%
Overall: Performance Improvement of  41% (!) without changes in mechanics