More than a decade


GEVA automation...

… started providing the voestalpine group with its services on the furnace site. It went on to provide services in upgrade packages before becoming involved in more complicated and sophisticated aspects of the Group’s activities; it has, meanwhile, successfully installed a complete mill control system for a new rail mill.

Some good examples of our partnership:

( 1 ) An automation prototype was required for the new rail transport system. The company chosen had already failed over a three-month period to get it to run when GEVA automation was contracted to help. The prototype was up and running within just 10 days! An ideal starting point for an ongoing partnership.

( 2 ) There were plans for the construction of a new production facility. An invitation to bid went out complete with functional description.As early on as in the bidding phase, GEVA automation revised this functional description with a view to securing a more practical approach – hence, its bid was structured differently, they came in at a higher price – but still managed to clinch the contract, which it went on to implement successfully!

“Whenever there was and is a problem, complicated and technically sophisticated, and no clear solution given – GEVA automation is our preferred partner for voestalpine”.
Dipl-Ing Norbert Köck, Head of Capital Projects Department, voestalpine